MEET THE JACKNIFE TEAM: Dustin Girard – General Safety & Operations Supervisor

Here at Jacknife Oilfield Services, we take pride in creating a safe work environment not only for our drivers but also the common public.

Dustin Girard, Jacknife’s General Safety and Operations Supervisor takes pride in his role and is committed to going above and beyond the safety requirements.

In this post, we will discuss Dustin’s safety role at Jacknife Oilfield Services and some common questions that have come up.

In order to keep our drivers safe while on the road Jacknife has 24-hour dispatching as well as making use of an advanced Work Alone app. This app has some great safety features which makes sure our workers are safe and accounted for, especially when in remote areas. To eliminate potential risks to our drivers, the use of this app is mandatory.

“It offers a safety net for our drivers basically,” said Girard, “it prompts drivers to check in with our night dispatch and just make sure they’re okay.”

Another safety initiative Jacknife has implemented are Work Site Truck and Driver Audits/Inspections. These are random inspections at various work sites to make sure our drivers and their trucks are fully compliant, in accordance with various safety standards. We review and inspect: PPE, OH&S requirements, Alberta Transport requirements, and a worker’s right to know, right to participate as well as right to refuse unsafe work.

“Performing these daily inspections not only put Jacknife drivers’ minds at ease, but also everyone around them to whom their scenario effects,” said Girard.

Along with daily work site inspections and our work alone app, we also have an extensive and stringent hiring process for new drivers.

“We take the hiring process very seriously here,” says Girard, “we really take pride in hiring competent, and safe drivers. At the end of the day, they’re not only putting their lives at risk, but also everyone on the highway and we have to make sure that these safety standards are met with confidence.”

While our drivers are compliant and experienced, it’s also imperative they are prepared for all types of weather that could come their way. During the summer months, rain, forest fires and tornado’s are all something our drivers have been educated on handling. Hydroplaning is a common occurrence especially when there’s been as much rain as we have experienced in and around Bonnyville these past couple weeks. Dustin encourages our drivers as well as passenger vehicles to have proper tires for the right season.

“Making sure your vehicle is equipped for all seasons is very crucial,” said Girard.

Along with proper tires, speed also plays an important factor especially when it is raining, snowing or extremely windy. Try not to slam on your brakes while it’s raining but to avoid hydroplaning, ease off the gas and take your time while trying to get anywhere.

“Our drivers know that its basic common sense to slow down based on what the weather gives us,” said Girard, “you can’t predict the weather, if ever our drivers are uncertain they definitely have the right to refuse to drive, and return to the roads once it’s safe to do so.”

At the end of the day, Girard explains that safety starts with you, and it’s always in your best interest to try to make the best decisions while on the road.

“One of the best parts of my job is utilizing my background knowledge as a driver for over 15 years, and helping apply it to situations that can benefit future or current drivers,” said Girard.