Staying Cool this Summer!

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Although we’ve had a rather wet kickoff to our summer, the past couple weeks have brought a lot of warmth and sunshine to Bonnyville; posing a popular question in one’s mind. How do our driver’s deal with the heat and rain during the summer months?

We all know the weather in Alberta can be quite unpredictable. Often we are told, “If you don’t like the Alberta weather, wait five minutes and it should change.” The irony of this catch phrase has been imminent for years. More often than not, a common conversation starter with anyone is usually about the weather.

With some of the beautiful sunshine we have been finally receiving here in the town of Bonnyville, our Jacknife drivers are finding these simple tasks play a key role in keeping them safe and cool on the highways.

According to, properly inflated tires can reduce the risk of tire blowouts, which tend to be more prominent in hot weather. Air pressure is also said to increase with temperature, so it’s critical to not let the hot air escape when the tires are hot as once they cool, the pressure may be too low.

Another helpful tip is to check your fluids before you embark on your destination. Check your engine oil, and that your engine has enough water and antifreeze. Be cognizant of the water temperatures and coolant to prevent overheating from occurring.

It’s also important to just do a brief once over of your belts and hoses. Loose belts don’t work, and can result in overheating. Be sure there are no belts that are cracked before heading out. Broken or cracked hoses can further lead to engine failure.

Always be aware of the conditions around you, and take the necessary precautions before heading out on the road. Most importantly, watch your speed. High speeds can make not only your vehicle but our trucks too more susceptible to overheating, in reaction causing stress on tires and engines.

At the end of the day it’s also very critical you take care of yourself during the heat as well. Make sure your air conditioning in your vehicle is working properly, just the same as you would prepare your vehicle for winter maintenance, summer maintenance is just as crucial. Drink plenty of fluids when the mercury starts to rise. Heat stroke and exhaustion can also be prominent with truck drivers, especially if their AC is not functioning correctly in the truck. Pay attention to what your body says, if your AC isn’t working take at least a half hour break somewhere shaded or cool.

In summary, just as the winter months bring an array of challenges to trucking, so the summer has its own set of challenges. With a little preparation and the correct preventative maintenance, we can set ourselves up for greater success on the road.

Enjoy the summer and be safe on the roads.

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